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The Best Non-Toxic Mascaras

Updated: Dec 3, 2018

Finally sharing my top green-beauty mascara picks! This post was longggg overdue. I'm so glad I'm finally getting this out to you guys. I needed time to test tons of natural mascaras and find the one that does it all. There are a few brands I haven't tried yet, and may add to this list later on, but these are the ones I've tried so far that I can leave reviews on. I'm super excited about my top pick, and I'm not sure I care to try other mascaras at this point. I know, that's saying a lot.

Okay let's get to it...

1. Ilia Limitless Lash Mascara After Midnight.

This is the winner. JACKPOT. This is their newest mascara and it is truly limitless. It does it all. It creates length, volume, it holds well and doesn't lose curl, it's buildable, yet amazing with even one coat. AND IT DOES NOT SMUDGE. This is the most important aspect of all. A mascara that smudges to the under eye area is a no go for me. I settled for green mascara even though most of them all would transfer a tiny bit (or a lot) on the under eye area. This mascara also washes off so easily so you don't have to scrub the hell out of your eyes.

Everyone's eyes, lashes, and skin is different so what smudges for me may not smudge for someone else. Putting powder under your eye to absorb any excess oil can definitely help with this problem, but I'm not wearing makeup most days and am only applying mascara. I would find myself only applying to my top lashes and skipping the bottom lashes if the mascara would transfer a lot. Or just do mirror checks and clean up throughout the day.

This mascara even holds up through my sweaty gym sessions.

There are other mascaras I still like, but Ilia doesn't transfer, it doesn't sting my eyes when washing my face, and it creates extremely beautiful lashes easily.

2. Honest Beauty Extreme Length Mascara Plus Lash Primer

PositivesThickening Lengthening Creates bold lashes Doesn't smudge under eye Amazing price NegativesNot easy to wash off Has a primer so it's a two step process Doesn't hold curl as well as Ilia Link to order Honest beauty mascara

3. 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Ultra Lengthening Mascara




Doesn't sting eyes when washing off

Creates super thick dramatic lashes


Doesn't wash off easily Smudges under the eye a little

4. W3ll People Expressionist Mascara

I like that this mascara has many color options (I've only tried black so far) and it is a much better price than other green beauty mascaras.



Holds volume and curl

Does not clump

Dries fast so you can layer quickly


Transfers to my under eye area

I noticed I mostly wore this only on my top lashes because it made them look so long and natural, but if I wore it on my bottom lashes it would smudge some. But again, it might not smudge on everyone!

Not as thickening as other mascaras.

5. Inika Long Lash Vegan Mascara

I made the mistake of ordering brown instead of black so I just don't feel like it's as dramatic or dark as I like. I still like this mascara and think it's a great option as well. A lot of people really rave about this one but I like Ilia better so I most likely won't buy this again.


Creates natural looking lashes

Doesn't sting eye when washing off



Super wet formula and doesn't build as easy as other brands. I noticed I had to let it dry for a long time before each new layer, and it would take me several layers to get the look I want. The process takes longer than with other mascaras.

Smudges under eyes and can be flakey.

6. Root Pretty 100% Lash & Natural Mascara

I bought this mascara several times before venturing out to try new brands because I really liked it and it was affordable. $14! This formula is super clean and all natural.


Amazing price

Creates volume and length

Easily buildable

Washes off easily


Transferred to lower eye area a lot

7. Lily Lolo Black Vegan Mascara

This was the first non-toxic mascara I've tried. It's been a few years since I've used it but it is a cult favorite among a lot of women.


Creates volume and length easily

Easily buildable


Stings my eyes when washing off

Didn't hold curl very well

I can't remember if it smudged under my eye area. The burning of my eyes when washing this off is what made me quit using it. Not everyone experiences that feeling though.

These are all the non-toxic mascaras that I have tried! I've heard good things about Fitglow's mascara, but I've read some women experience lower eye smudging so I've put off trying it for now. I honestly love love love Ilia's mascara and will using that exclusively for a while! :)

Don't be afraid to try any of these mascaras, like I said everyone's lashes and skin is different so what didn't work for me may still work for you!

Stay Green,