• Ruby

The Best Affordable Workout Pants

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

Trying to find the perfect workout legging is somewhat difficult for me. I've tried a lot of brands over the years and have narrowed it down to what brands, and what styles are my favorite. I thought I would share my favorites with you guys. Maybe you will find your workout pant match here! ;) Most of these I'm listing I consider affordable leggings. These are high quality, durable (wont fall apart after one wash), and figure flattering styles. These are not the cheapest leggings on the market, they are also not the most expensive.

I'm definitely a high-rise lover, I have a longer torso and a small waist with big hips and a big butt. For some reason I just feel much more comfortable in leggings that go to or above my belling button. So most of these will be higher rise leggings. Old Navy High-Rise Elevate Side-Pocket Mesh Trim Compression Leggings

Whoaaaa that was a mouthful haha. These are the newest leggings I've purchased recently. I love them! For some reason I never like anything for women in stores at Old Navy, but online I've had some success. They have a lot of discounts and sales online, so I'd advise to never purchase in store unless it's on sale. These leggings are snug fitting, perfect height on waist, a little bit of compression but definitely not a lot. I love side pockets so I can put my phone there, and the mesh detail is super flattering. These leggings do not give camel toe! TMI but I don't wear underwear under my leggings. I can't stand underwear lines, and I hate wearing thongs. Wearing thongs is not hygienic. Thongs travel bacteria from your pooer to your hoohah. Sorry again, TMI, but it's true. I only wear thongs or underwear if it's that time of the month. All the leggings I'm sharing here do not give me cameltoe and are fine without underwear. But if underwear works for you under leggings than great! You don't have to worry about cameltoe. I bought these for $35 Senita Athletics Alpine Laser Cut Leggings

Everything from Senita Athletics is great. They have an amazing price point for all their products. I recommend this brand to anyone looking for some great workout gear that doesn't make you go broke. They always come out with new styles. Most of the pants I have from them are no longer being sold because they are so old. They are finally getting worn out so I bought a new pair of these laser cut ones and love them!

They have that slicker material, the waist height is great, sits right above my belly button. These are thinner material so they feel soft and flexible. Not super thin, but thinner than the Old Navy ones. I love the style of these, very cute. They will show sweat, I got the maroon color so that's probably why, but sweat marks don't bother me, you're there to sweat! Price is $38

Beyond Yoga High Waisted Leggings

I can't seem to find the exact styles I own from this brand, they must not be listed on the site any more. But the ones linked here are the same type, just not the same colors. Mine have some mesh on them also. These are NOT cheap. They are very much a splurge, but oh so worth it. I have two pairs from beyond yoga and they are my favorite leggings ever. So soft, thin, flexible yet they still give you some control and tightness. These are the most flattering leggings I own by far. I'm really obsessed. Priced between $80-97 depending on where you purchase from. I purchased one at a barre studio, and the other pair from Scheels. Victoria's Secret Sport High-Rise Pocket Tight

Who would have thought VS would be a good place to get cute workout pants?! I have a couple old pairs from them that I used to love, they don't fit right anymore do to my body changing but I still recommend their leggings. They have a flexible soft material, not too thin, they have tons of styles and high waist options. These are the ones I have but in green. I really liked them and when I need a new pair I'll prob go to VS and order one because they always have huge discounts online. These are listed at $34 right now on sale! I also love their high impact sports bras.

Alright that's it for pants today. Let me know if you guys like these type of posts. Please share and leave comments! Much Love, Ruby