• Ruby

Simple Holiday Eating Strategies

It's Holiday season and that means food, food, and more food. Are you on a fitness or health journey and worried about messing up all your hard work this Christmas? Well I'm here to relieve your stresses and give you some easy strategies for handling the Holidays!

Let's just get right into it!

7 Simple Holiday Eating Tips

1. Eat a protein rich breakfast.

2. Hydrate and drink green or white tea.

3. Limit alcohol.

4. Eat small portions of every dish on your plate.

5. Take digestive enzymes.

6. Take a walk.

7. Don't stress.

Number one is eating a protein rich breakfast. If you decide to eat breakfast than make sure it's rich in protein and low in starches and sugar. Protein will help you feel fuller longer and prevent those snacking habits before your big meal. It may even make you less hungry when it comes to your big Christmas dinner. A good breakfast would be cooked eggs with avocados. Simple and easy, yet very healthy and rich in protein and good fats!

Number two is hydrate and drink tea. Drinking enough water throughout the whole day will help your body digest your food much better, and help remove any toxins from alcohol or food. Drink 12 ounces of water first thing in the morning to help set the tone of the day and replenish from fasting through the night. After breakfast drink some green or white tea only until dinner. Green tea can help with digestion and help normalize blood sugar levels. So sipping on some green tea after breakfast will help set you up for better digestion the rest of the day.

Number three is limit alcohol consumption. Really try to limit your amount of alcohol because alcohol just turns to sugar in the body and has a lot of calories. Drink it slowly and savor it. Limit one to two drinks of alcohol.

Number four is limit your portions of different dishes. I think we've all heard this one before. If you take small small portions of each dish you put on your plate then you can still enjoy a few bites of all your favorite foods and not get so full you can't enjoy everything. Then wait 15 minutes before going back for seconds to give your brain a chance to catch up and see if you are even hungry still!

Number five is take digestive enzymes. This is probably the best advice I can give you. Whether you follow any of these tips or not, digestive enzymes will help you a lot! I take them every single day to help digest my food and absorb nutrients. They are sooo helpful when I eat things my body is intolerant or allergic to. Normally I would get really sick and constipated from eating certain foods like gluten or too much dairy, but since taking these digestive enzymes it has helped so many of my digestive symptoms. While I still try to avoid those foods I know aren't good for me, when I do splurge on the rare occasion or holiday, I don't have to worry as much about the effects of them on my digestive system.

There are a few different brands you can get, but this brand is my favorite because of the added turmeric, Ceylon cinnamon, and pepper. These herbs have traditionally been used for their nutrient content and to aid digestion and expel gas from the stomach and bowels.

The Smart Carb Digestive Enzymes are Doctor formulated and have really changed my life for the better.

Number six is take a walk. If you can take a walk after the big meal that is best, but if you think you won't have time for it then, try to plan a walk before dinner. Even a little bit of exercise will help you feel better mentally about all the food you will be consuming that day. Moving helps digestion as well and burn a few calories. Take a walk with the family, or take a walk alone so you can get away from them for a minute ;)

Number seven is RELAX. Okay, so I said the number five tip was the best advice but really this one is the best advice I can give. DON'T STRESS ABOUT IT. If you don't follow any of these tips and you eat like a hippo or drink like a sailor, it's not the end of the world. You are not going to ruin your progress or your body with one day of eating bad. Or even if you are like me, and have a few days of eating left overs and having more than one family dinner, it really is not going to ruin all your progress or make you fat. Just do the best you can and don't stress about it. Stress is just as detrimental to your health as food can be. So take a deep breath and don't guilt trip yourself if things don't go as planned this Holiday season.

Even if you implement just a couple of these tips I'm sure your Christmas will be enjoyable, and a healthier one than the last.

Just remember the reason for the season. Give, love, and be thankful for all that God has given us. Let's not let our insecurities or personal matters get in the way of a day meant to remember Christ Jesus' birth.

Merry Christmas,