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Prevention and Healthy Living

Updated: Feb 1, 2018

I hope my About Me section helps you understand why I've started this blog, or why I am passionate about holistic health and wellness. I figured my first blog post could go a little more in depth on those things though. I am so new to this blogging world and I hope not to bore anyone or waste your time. I will try to keep things short and sweet but also informing and fun along this journey of learning new and healthier lifestyle changes.

I believe in a preventative vs a reactive lifestyle. What that means is that you are actively trying to prevent disease and sickness by making healthy choices regularly, rather than being reactive and just treating a sickness or disease once you get one.

Our bodies were designed perfectly and are capable of healing almost anything all on their own if we supply the body with the right nutrition and support the immune system. For example, high doses of vitamin C and specific herbs can effectively treat the flu so that your immune system can do its work and fight the infection much quicker. There are many studies on high dose vitamin C protocols, I found this one enlightening (posted at bottom of page).

Another example... consuming high amounts of antioxidants will help prevent cancer and DNA mutations. Blueberries have been studied for their antioxidant purposes and found to be effective in this. I have MTHFR so learning this was very exciting to me. There are so many ways you can naturally protect your body and boost your immune system. Herbs, spices, vitamins, plants, food, essential oils, and prayer. Yup. Prayer. If I could only pick one of those things to use for wellness, I would pick food. Or maybe prayer. Every day you nourish your body so that you can survive and do the things you love, but are we really "nourishing" our bodies? The lack of knowledge people have about the connection between health and food, saddens and frustrates me. Also, the way food is farmed and processed in this modern world has changed and we are consuming products instead of real nutrient dense food. I created a short list to explain what about, and why our diets suck.

Things that are wrong with the American diet

1. Excessive amounts of processed sugar. (weakens the immune system and feeds disease/cancer)

2. Chronic dehydration. (causes digestive disorders, malabsorption, and many more issues)

3. Too much fake food not enough real. (linked to depression, obesity, and weakened immune system)

4. Toxicity from pesticides/herbicides or hormones in foods. (Alzheimer's, developmental disorders, cancer, hormone disruption, infertility)

5. Proper portions. (so many people either eat too much or eat too little because of eating disorders which severely affects overall health.)

We can make better choices. We can do better. If you struggle with any of the things on my list just pick one and start focusing on it. Try to be mindful and self aware. Don't be afraid to seek professional help or guidance. I over eat when I'm stressed or going through an emotional time. But then I don't eat enough usually when I'm really busy or running around away from the house. I also struggle with drinking enough water every day. I get dehydrated soooo easily too. I drink on average 50 ounces a day and that is still not enough for me personally. We can't be perfect but we can sure as heck improve!

If you question anything I've said here I encourage you to do your own research. Read from multiple sources and know who is funding studies or stories. So much scientific research that is published today is skewed or blatantly false in order to keep political and financial partners happy. This is angering and can make researching difficult but that is why you always look at the source and who funded that information.

I want to give a little info on why I only use non-toxic, completely safe brands (no green washing here!) for makeup, skincare, and cleaning products. Everything that you put on your skin or breath in absorbs into your body. The chemicals in cosmetics and cleaning products impact you every single day. The detergent you use on your sheets and clothes, you are never getting a break from those toxins. Hormone disruption, acne, irritated skin, carcinogenic/cancer, that's the risk. Health is the risk. There's hope! Don't freak out. I got youuu. There are hundreds if not thousands of clean beauty brands out now days that are safe, more effective and glamorous than any toxic brand I've tried. I worked at a high end cosmetic store in Vail, Colorado for a short time and got to use brands I would have never been able to afford otherwise. My skin was at it's worst then. Damn parabens. Now I'm using amazing brands that are curated and created by amazing, health conscious people. My skin is much happier for that! I'm just going to list a few sites for you to explore if you want and later I'm going to blog about my favorite brands and products.

I hope you are more interested in seeking a healthier life, or have learned why we should live a preventative lifestyle rather than a reactive one. There are so many things we cant control in life, but what we put in and on our bodies is something we have control over. I also want you to know that I speak from a place of love and I hope you never feel judged or condemned by anything I talk about on this blog. My goal is to help people not to hurt them. I have so much to share! So stay tuned!

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