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Non-Toxic Holiday Home Scents

Updated: Dec 4, 2017

It's Holiday season! Best time of the year in my humble opinion. I love everything about Christmas. Lights, gifts, snow, the smell of real Christmas trees, the music, holiday baking, and even the occasional holiday drink. My favorite part is the ambiance you can create in your own home, and house scents are the most important part of that. When people walk into your house and instantly are greeted with warm scents of the season, they are sure to feel welcomed and relaxed. Or, if you're like me and people never come to your house, you can just reap the benefits of those smells all to yourself.

The one problem with creating a home that smells like a snickerdoodle cookie, is that it could be wreaking havoc on your hormones and health if you are using toxic brands. Scentsy is one of those brands. Even their newest claims of having"natural" scented oils is false. There is no such thing as "green apple oil" they are trying to green wash their toxic products. Sorry to break the bad news.....

Are you still with me?! Seriously, people really love their scentsy and I get why, so I apologize if I just ruined you're entire life. But have faith. There are other ways to fill your home with yummy scents. I'll share what I currently am using right now, and I'll share some other great ideas, and clean candle or wax melts you can purchase.

Here's what you need to look for when buying safe candles.

Non-toxic wax. Soy or beeswax is best.

Lead free wick made from natural ingredients.

Natural fragrance. Artificial fragrances are not regulated with what ingredients are safe or allowed to be used. They contain hormone disrupting chemicals. Healthy hormone function is just as important for children as it is for adults because it affects their mental and physical development.

Avoid candles that have paraffin wax. Paraffin emits highly toxic chemicals when burned, like benzene and toluene which are known carcinogens.

Just as important, make sure scented candles and wax melts are made of natural fragrances or essential oils. Etsy and Amazon both have natural candles and wax melts just make sure you double check what they're made of.

My Favorite Holiday Scented Safe Candles: Natura Soy: http://www.naturasoy.ca/holiday/ Indigo Wild/Zum: https://www.indigowild.com/home-cleaning/zum-glow-soy-candles.html

Sometimes buying candles that are truly safe for you and your family can get a little expensive. That is why I LOVE using essential oils to fill my home with health beneficial aromas. I notice they last much longer than a candle does. Diffusing essential oils can benefit you and your family in so many ways. I will dive more into that in a future blog post all about EOs, and my favorite companies. It is very important to use high quality and pure essential oils. But you don't have to buy from overpriced MLM companies to get great oils. I purchase oils from a few brands, some of those are ML companies because I like some specific blends. But just so you know there are companies that are just as pure for a much better price. Here are some holiday blends you can use to fill your house with mood altering, and healing scents.

Indigo Wild also has holiday scented room sprays not just candles. The Christmas Chi one smells just like a Christmas tree! I use it as a bathroom spray sometimes as well. I've been mixing EOs like Allspice, Vanilla, Orange, Nutmeg, and Cinnamon to get that "snickerdoodle" scent. I'm out of orange right now but my Bliss blend from Edens Garden has orange, and other citrusy oils in it so that works for now. I love using Thieves from Young Living because its helps protect your immune system, and fight bacterial and viral infections. Also smells great all on it's own or mixed with orange, or allspice for a holiday scent. Another one I have on hand from YL is Treasure of the Season. I don't love this by itself so I usually end up adding drops of bliss (edens garden) or nutmeg and it sweetens up the scent a bit!

There are so many ways you can use EOs and so many different ones to add into a diffuser for a yummy holiday aroma.

Here's the diffuser i'm using here in North Dakota. https://www.amazon.com/InnoGear-Aromatherapy-Essential-Ultrasonic-Humidifier/dp/B00V9JP8EE/ref=sr_1_3_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1512253623&sr=8-3&keywords=innogear+diffuser

Our actual home, and the house we own is in Washington with all our belongings and nice things. So I have a few diffusers there I like more, but this one works good in our tiny rental house in ND. YL, Doterra, and Edens Garden all have great diffusers. Edens Garden's new ones are on my Christmas list though. Soooo pretty!

You can also create a stovetop potpourri that fills the whole house with warm, fruity and cinnamon scents.

Photo and recipe from https://www.mommypotamus.com/holiday-stove-top-potpourri/

There really is no reason to risk our health or well being over a candle. So now that you know there are other options for safer home scents, I hope you make the switch. All these things make great holiday gifts as well!

Happy Holidays,