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Hair Products for the Green Beauty Girl

Updated: Feb 10, 2018

If you've read any of my past blog posts you'll understand by now why switching out your conventional cosmetics and cleaners for non-toxic brands is a very wise decision to make. If you are still new to the Green Beauty world and looking for some amazing products to try, then you'll love this post! Since everyone isn't aware of why most cosmetics are damaging to our health and the environment, I'll share a little bit about why you should use safer hair products, and which ones are my favorites.

Why Natural?

Going natural is better! This goes across the board with hair care, skin care, and vitamins. Really, everything you're putting on or in your body is more likely to work or be effective if it's made from all natural ingredients. The short answer for this is because the product is being filled with REAL, potent, active ingredients. When a cosmetic product is formulated with fillers, artificial ingredients and preservatives, it's containing less of the actual extracts and oils that are designed in nature to be very powerful for human and animal use.

So many things found in nature are taken, altered and contaminated, to then use in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. There is absolutely no need for this. This is why I choose to support brands that know how to formulate products for specific purposes without changing the chemistry of natural ingredients. There are safer preservatives that are used in the brands that I share on my blog, making the products safe and last a long time on the shelf still. There truly is a science and art to skincare and hair care. There are some great DIY things you can do but when it comes to great, super effective products, these are the type of brands I look for.

Ingredients to Avoid

Knowing what ingredients to avoid is important when choosing your hair care products. It's not just about non-toxic, but also about what is best for the hair and what allows it to be moisturized and cleansed the right way, in order to obtain truly healthy hair and scalp.

Artificial Color and Fragrance

Proven to be the highest cause of allergic reactions or chemical sensitivities in cosmetics. Artificial fragrance is linked to endocrine disorders and thyroid cancer.

DEA, MEA, TEA, or MIPA Compounds

These are synthetic surfactants used in soaps and many shampoos. These ingredients are allergenic, and may also be contaminated with nitrosamines, a potent class of carcinogens. They’re on the FDA’s list of suspected carcinogens.


A carcinogen, this colorless, pungent, irritating substance is found in many preservatives, such as quaternium-15, the hydantoins and ureas, and surfactants such as sodium lauryl sulfate.

PEG-8 (polyethylene glycol)

This synthetic detergent is on the FDA’s list of suspected carcinogens, and according to the FDA is “highly allergenic.”

Phalates (tha-lates)

Chemicals used to add flexibility and dissolve other ingredients in; they can be absorbed through the skin or inhaled and have been linked to birth defects in the male reproductive system.

Propylene Glycol

A neurotoxin, this petroleum-derived humectant, surfactant, solvent, and carrier that is known to cause contact dermatitis along with a wide variety of allergic reactions.


Phenoxyethanol is a preservative used in cosmetics and personal care products. Some brands claim it is a safe preservative, but studies show it can affect the brain and nervous system. It is an ethoxylated compound that is usually contaminated with the carcinogenic toxin 1,4-Dioxane.

Quaternary Ammonium Compounds

A wide variety of these caustic ammonium compounds are used in cosmetics, especially hair conditioners. They may give a soft feel to the hair and stabilize the rinse’s or conditioner’s emulsion, but in the long run they dry the scalp and hair and make the hair brittle. They’re also allergenic and pollute the environment.

Sulfate-based products

Sulfates are used in the manufacture of synthetic soaps, detergents, emollient creams and shampoos (like sodium lauryl and laureth sulfate). Sulfates are harmful to marine life and the environment. They can cause allergic reactions and dry skin and hair. Sulfates are extremely harmful to people with eczema or psoriasis.


Silicone's are what make your hair smooth and silky. Mostly used in conditioners and styling products. It is hard to rinse out, harsh cleaners are needed to remove. Silicone's cause buildup and don't allow needed oils to penetrate the hair, leading to dry brittle hair.

Putting it simply... toxic ingredients that you are putting on or around your body and home on a regular basis has a huge negative impact to your health.

Toxic chemicals in cosmetics are linked to thyroid cancer, endocrine disorders, infertility, developmental disorders, and neurological issues. This is why it is important to detox your cosmetics, for the sake of your health or the well being of your family.

The transition from conventional hair care to non-toxic

I've been using natural and silicone free hair care for 7 years now. I've tried a lot of different brands and will share my favorite products with you today. But I must give you a warning if you are still using conventional brands, there is a detox period that you have to go through in order to shed all those silicones, and let your scalp adjust to the change.

If you are dealing with dandruff, dry hair, split ends, then making the switch to natural brands is even more important for you! You don't have to compromise luxury or effective products to get healthy beautiful hair.

When you give up silicone you have to get used to normal hair texture. Every one's hair is different, some have naturally healthy, thick hair, other's, like myself, deal with thin, brittle hair texture that usually is frizzy. But no matter your hair status, we all can benefit from real ingredients, and no fillers or toxins.

When you use silicone it coats your hair and helps with frizz and makes it smoother, but it isn't an authentic smoothness. It's coating the hair and not allowing healthy oils to be absorbed. So ditching the silicone is really important for truly healthy hair. It can feel different for the first few weeks, but once you get used to it it's not a big deal. It's important to allow your hair to detox all that buildup.

Using a good conditioner, a gentle shampoo, and healthy leave-in treatment or masks, it can make that transition period much easier!

Favorite Brands


EVOLVh UltraShine Moisture Shampoo.

This is one of my favorite hair care lines because it's clean, works well, and smells really good. The price is very fair as well. I think this brand mimics conventional products really well so when you are first switching over I really recommend this line. They have products for curly hair as well.

Don't shampoo your hair every single day. It really is not needed. If you have oily hair, let your scalp adjust to new products, and don't use dry shampoo unless you have to.

Using a gentle shampoo is important and makes it safe to wash your hair often, but I still don't recommend washing every single day. You don't want to strip all your natural oils off and washing too often will do this. I go about 3 days between washes. But every other day is a good balance for someone using styling products a lot, or with oily hair. It's better for your scalp to be cleansed than it is to use dry-shampoo type products that just clog your scalp and dry your hair out. So if you must wash your hair every day, use a gentle shampoo.

Some people wash their hair only once a week. I can't really get away with this, but do whatever works for you!

Josh Rosebrook Deep Nourishing Shampoo.

This is the shampoo I recommend if your hair needs a lot of repair or if you cleanse it often. Josh Rosebrook products are really amazing and carefully crafted to include the very best ingredients.

Rahua Color Full Shampoo

I use this weekly to help maintain my color treated hair. I don't like my highlights to look brassy so this helps keep those tones out. It's a clean purple shampoo! Dreams do come true.

Captain Blankenship Mermaid Dry Shampoo.

Love love love this brand! Using a aerosol-free dry shampoo is important so you aren't breathing in any toxic fumes or polluting the environment. You can use a big powder makeup brush to help apply this, or sprinkle on and work in with fingers and then brush through hair.


EVOLVh UlraShine Moisture Conditioner

Smells really good and is a thick consistency, really feels like it smooths my hair and keeps it hydrated.

Rahua Color Full Hair Conditioner

Purple conditioner great for highlighted, grey, or colored hair. My hair is mostly brown but I have some blonde highlights and the color line from Rahua really helps tone it and fight brassiness.

Leave-in and Treatments

You can do a DIY hair mask if you are not wanting to spend money on a mask, although I really recommend using hair masks that are made by companies that use a blend of high quality ingredients we mostly likely can't get our hands on for a diy.

Using coconut oil is good for your scalp but I've never felt like it has helped moisturize my hair. I like using argan oil for a easy at home pre shampoo treatment or mask. Just make sure it's pure, and organic. Really any organic oil mask is a great at home, easy treatment. When I use pure argan oil on the ends of my hair often it really helps prevent split ends.

Root Pretty Glossing Hair Mask

This is one of my favorite pre made hair treatments of all time. It is pure, clean ingredients, and works so well to nourish the hair and make it shiny. This mask is my favorite as a leave in or smoothing serum. I just use a little bit on wet or dry hair to reduce frizz. Smells so good too!

Rahua has some amazing treatment products as well. They are on the higher price side but well worth it.

Styling Products

Hair spray - Innersense I Create Finish Hair Spray

Dry texture spray - Josh Rosebrook Lift

Texturizer - Rahua Freestyle Texturizer

Sea salt spray - Captain Blankenship Golden Waves Sea Salt Spray

Blow dry or styling balm - Jordan Seban Le Baume The Balm

Anti Frizz - Rahua Finishing Treatment , Root Pretty Glossing Mask

Lift and Volume - Innersense I Create Lift


All the brands I've listed here are amazing, clean, and full of powerful, natural ingredients. They all have many products to offer for different things. They are worth your time exploring more of what each brand has to offer. Many of them are offered in one place like The Detox market, or The Organic Bunny.

There are a lot of other non-toxic brands I really like but I wanted to mention just a few here. I'll do more reviews and posts about other hair products in the future.

Josh Rosebrook


Captain Blankenship

Jordan Seban



Root Pretty

I hope you try some of these amazing brands, and learned why you should ditch your toxic hair products for good!

Much Love,

Ruby Langley

Wild Arrow Wellness