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Master List of Favorite Non-Toxic Products

Updated: Jan 31, 2019

I'm here to update you all on my favorite non-toxic products as of late! I figured doing these "favorites" posts every few months will showcase some really good items I'm using and loving. If you follow me on instagram then you know that I'm always trying new stuff. New skincare, new dish soap, new candles... you get the point. There's always a few brands I stick with and have learned work well for me so I'm happy to include those products I love in these posts. It can be hard switching over to natural products that are safer for your home and the environment. There's so many brands and options out there now days, it can take a lot of time and money finding what works for you. I have tried soooo many different brands and can say I've finally found what works well for me in every area. That came with a lot of trial and error though. Don't even get me started on greenwashing brands! I do my best to read labels, get familiar with ingredients and know what to avoid when it comes to cosmetics and home products. But I also need my shit to WORK. So if I include a dish soap here that contains a naturally derived SLS, it's for my own sanity. I encourage everyone to be their own advocate, research things yourself, and don't rely on just a few people to spoon feed you all the information. Learn what you are willing to compromise on, find your balance. Some people are super strict with some ingredients, and other natural wellness people are not. I consider myself to be pretty dang strict, so keep that in mind! I'm saying all this because I don't need someone coming to me and telling me my dish soap of choice isn't the cleanest option on the planet. I get that, but like I said, it needs to do it's job well. I will not compromise on many toxic ingredients, fragrance being the top of my list, but there's some things I'm more relaxed about. I don't live near a whole foods or big natural health stores, so I rely on what is in my area, and what I can find online that is affordable and easily accessible for most people. Okay let's get to it! Household Items ECOS Dish Liquid - I am sticking with this soap for good. I have tried sooooo many different brands and just keep going back to this because it's clean ingredients and also works well! I need something that cuts grease. This does that! Biokleen Automatic Dish Soap Powder - Love this brand and this powder works well. I also like seventh generation liquid dish detergent. Zum Clean laundry soap - So this is pricey when I look online, but at my local grocery store it's much cheaper. I like this because it actually leaves a scent behind which is nice because a lot of natural laundry soap doesn't. Biokleen Laundry Detergent - I use their liquid and powder formulas and love both. I think this brand is my favorite and cleans the best. Ecos Oxobrite stain remover - I put this in almost every load of clothes I wash. It just really brightens whites AND colors and cleans stains or grease really well. Toddler clothes are always dirty, my husband's line of work and lifestyle leaves his clothes really dirty, so I just use this stuff all the time and love it. This will improve any laundry detergent you are currently using. Fabric Softener - I've tried ecos fabric softener and its oddly too thick to even poor out of the container. You can add 1/4 cup pure epsom salt to the wash for an easy diy fabric softener! Learned this hack from my sis in-law. Wool Dryer Balls - I add essential oils onto the ball and throw in the dryer with each load. Branch Basics Household cleaner - I use branch basics to clean my kitchen, bathroom, and mirrors. It's just the best multipurpose cleaner. Because it's a concentrate and you dilute it into each separate bottle, I add essential oils into a few of my bottles so that it smells good. Edens Garden EOs - Love their oils, diffusers, candles, and just about everything they offer! Really affordable, cute packaging, and high quality oils. Air Purifier - This one is affordable and does the job right. I also think it's more appealing to the eye than most. I keep this in our master bedroom most of the time, air quality while we sleep is so important. Berkey Water Filter - Filters just about everything nasty there is in water but leaves important minerals intact! You do not want to be drinking synthetic fluoride though guys. Most water filters don't get fluoride, or pharmaceutical drugs, chemicals, lead, bacteria, and many other contaminates. Berkey does it all. This is great for small spaces, people that don't own a home, or those who travel. We have this in our rental house, but once we buy a house here in ND I want to get a whole home purification system installed, but until then, berkey is the best. Check out their scratch and dent program for discounts. Bathroom Coral Kids Toothpaste - This is the only toothpaste I use on Arrow! Coral White Toothpaste - My favorite toothpaste. Coral white is fluoride and glycerin free. pH balanced. Cleans well and whitens teeth. Hair EVOLVh Ultrashine Moisture Conditioner - This bottle is super pricey for me, but it does last a long time. I only wash my hair 2-3 times a week so that helps, but it does seem to last a while. This is my favorite conditioner. It smells good, isn't too heavy, but is definitely moisturizing for my dry hair. EVOLVh Ultrashine Shampoo - I just really like this specific line from EVOLVh, other lines from them weren't my fave, but I always enjoy the ultrashine moisture line. Rahua Color Full Shampoo - The best purple shampoo dupe. Great for toning brassy highlights and hues on color treated hair. This stuff really works if you use it twice a week. They also have a purple conditioner but I haven't tried it yet. 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