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Making the Switch to Green Beauty

Updated: Jan 9, 2018

Some of you may have already started your journey to safer skin care and makeup. Some of you may be like me and have become green beauty diehards. Maybe you have no idea where to begin, but you find yourself intrigued by this healthier world of cosmetics and you want to try it for yourself!

Wherever you are at with green beauty, I hope you find some tips for great new products today. I'm going to share what I am using currently, and some of my favorite green beauty products and brands.

Let me just say that everyone's skin is different and needs different things, so what might work for me, may not work for you. I will share some of my favorite products, and some items I know other's rave about that may not have worked for me based off of different needs, but I still believe were great products.

Skin Health

I will talk about my skin care routine and favorite products in a later post because that will take an entire post all on its own to go over. I will say that healthy skin is a result of what you are putting inside and outside your body. More importantly though, what you are putting inside. Acne, eczema, psoriasis and other skin conditions are often a result of a inner body issue. The main culprit of these conditions is an unbalanced gut, toxic overburden in the body, and food intolerance's being ignored.

Healing the gut and eating a whole food, organic diet will help heal your body, remove toxins, and let your skin have a chance to heal. If you are struggling with difficult skin conditions I highly suggest you see a integrative medicine Doctor, ND or Licensed Homeopath to help you. In a later post I will share what I've done to help my own skin problems but I can't diagnose or treat anyone, so it's best to see a Doctor that will get to the root causes of your symptoms, and not just mask the problem with a drug that will cause more issues in the end.

Some things that cause breakouts for me are eating gluten, processed sugar, drinking alcohol, and dairy. Stress, topical use of artificial fragrance, artificial preservatives and other chemicals used in conventional brands. Oh and crazy hormones after having a baby.

Once I detoxed my cosmetics my skin improved dramatically. So avoiding skin irritants and chemicals in makeup, and skin care is super important if you want clear, radiant skin. Some people aren't as sensitive to certain things as others, or their body just responds in different ways. So even if you don't deal with breakouts or skin issues it doesn't mean all those harmful ingredients are any better for you than they are for me.

Ingredients to Avoid





Mineral oil




Synthetic colors like FD&C Red No. 6

There are hundreds of toxic ingredients to avoid but these are some top ones to look out for. Get the Think Dirty App and make your life easier. Or the Skin Deep site. Their scoring isn't 100% perfect so I don't always rely on them. I'm familiar with ingredients well enough now I can just read labels, but if your just starting out, those sites make things way easier!

To learn more about why you should avoid these harmful ingredients, check out this post from Doctor Sarah Villafranco and founder of Osmia Oganics.

Okay enough about that! Let's talk makeup!


I don't wear a full face of makeup every single day anymore since I am a stay at home mom. I do wear mascara and fill my brows in if I'm leaving my house. This just makes me feel much better and I feel like I've done something good for myself for the day. Sometimes being a SAHM and not having to go to work, and look polished every day can make me feel lazy or slobby. So, doing a little bit to my face before I leave the house just makes me feel better. Like self care for me. This is not to say that women need to wear makeup to feel beautiful, or be "polished". That's not what I'm saying so don't let yourself go there. This is just how I do things, and how I take care of myself. Some days I don't wear anything on my face at all or even brush my teeth in the morning....gross right? Just keepin it real. Some days I wear a full face of makeup just to go to the grocery store. Just because.

So, whether you like to wear makeup often, or just once in a while, I got some great products to share with you!


Cleanse, Tone, Serum, Moisturize.

That is my routine every morning and night. Putting makeup on a clean and moisturized canvas will make it apply better and last longer.


Narcissist Foundation Stick. I love this stick for everyday use or when I'm in a hurry and not wanting to put a ton of makeup on. This is light to medium coverage. I use a concealer over any blemishes or red spots I want more coverage on. My favorite things about this stick is how compact it is which is great for traveling. It's quick and easy to apply and buff in with fingers. It leaves a dewy look that I really love. I have dry skin so a lot of makeup makes my skin look too matte. This gives a natural skin look in my opinion. If I had oily skin I would set it with a powder. This brand has really great pricing for their products! Great for teenagers or if you're on a tight budget.

Crunchi Beautifully Flawless Liquid Foundation. This brand is really amazing. I use their primer and liquid foundation on days I'm going out or doing something I want long lasting coverage for. It applies so easily with their flat top brush. Getting the primer and the foundation brush is a must with this foundation. Every single person I know that uses it says it applies so much better with the brush. So make the investment here, it's worth it!

It's still great used without those but the primer and brush take it up a notch. Organic Bunny has a tutorial video on this on her instagram I believe, or youtube has one.

Crunchi is your every day makeup but also your wedding day makeup. It is a matte finish but is not drying at all. Sometimes I set it with a setting powder but not always. This is the best foundation I've ever used, green beauty or not. It looks so natural but covers very well. You can get samples from the crunchi site to get your perfect match!

Jane Iredale

I've tried their Glow Time BB Cream but it was too drying for my skin type and it settled into my laugh lines. A lot of people rave about this full coverage foundation though so you might email them and ask for samples or see if they offer samples on their site.

Loose Mineral Powder is a truly clean mineral powder foundation. Buildable coverage. Long lasting and has a beautiful natural finish. I used to only wear powder foundations because all liquid foundations made my skin react so badly, and I couldn't find any that wouldn't slide off my face (until crunchi that is).

I loved La Bella Donna minerals and thought they were totally clean but they add bismuth oxychloride, a natural ingredient that is not toxic but it can irritate the skin and cause breakouts. So I dumped it a long time ago and moved on with my life.

Jane Iredale is a great option for anyone wanting a loose powder foundation that will not irritate your skin.

Gressa Minimalist Corrective Serum Foundation

This is a pretty expensive foundation but it also acts as skincare so you are kind of getting a two for one here. I really love this foundation but I'm pretty sure my skin is reacting to it. This is medium to full coverage and lasts all day . It applies effortlessly with their foundation brush. I don't use a primer or setting powder with this. It is like a liquid to powder foundation. I'm taking a break from it because I'm pretty sure its causing some breakouts. I haven't read that anyone else reacts to it this way, so it might just be one certain ingredient my skin doesn't like. Sometimes our skin needs to get used to a new product but I'm not always patient enough for that. This is a really great foundation though so if you want something spectacular I would give this one and the Crunchi foundation a shot.


Hynt Beauty Duet Perfecting Concealer Full coverage and applies best with a eye shadow brush. A little goes a long ways with this concealer. I love it though! This will last you forever too, I'm still using the same container for over a year now.

Setting Powders

Sometimes I use a setting powder, sometimes I don't. They are great for combination or oily skin to help set your makeup and make it last all day.

My favorite setting powders are Fitglow Vita-Set Powder. It's expensive but will last you forever and is not drying or caking at all.

Root Pretty Setting Silk . Made from Aloe Powder. Soothes your skin and sets your makeup! AMAZINGLY priced too.

Setting Spray/Toner

You don't have to use a setting spray but I notice it adds a little hydration after all that makeup was applied and it sets the makeup even more after setting powders. Sometimes I will spray a toner multiple times a day over makeup to refresh.

Acure Organics Toner sprays so fine and mists evenly. This brand is also really well priced!

Fitglow Sea Toning Mist is one of my all time favorite toners. It sprays a little heavier though so I don't use it as a setting spray all that often.

Leahlani Bohemian Ruby Balancing Toner This brand is EVERYTHING. These mists even have gemstones in the beautiful glass bottles. So beautiful, and you can tell everything from this company is made with so much Love!


I have a little bit of a tan so I like a dark bronzer. These are my favorites...

100% pure cocao glow bronzer

Zuzu Luxe Bronzer

Lily lolo Sculpt + Glow Contour Duo This one is not very dark so this would be a great highlighter and bronzer for medium to light/fair skin tones.

Cheek Color/Blush

Hush and Dotti Lip + Cheek stick This is a newer brand that is getting known really fast for their awesome mascara and foundation. I have yet to try those but I really like their cheek tint in "Rockin Angel Pink". I use my finger and dab just on the apples of my cheeks and some on my lips :)

100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Blush All of these blushes are so beautiful and I love the slight shimmer they have.

Zuzu Luxe Samba pressed blush. Pretty coral/pink shimmer blush I use often



Lily Lolo Eye Palette in Laid Bare Really great every day colors and very well priced!

Pretty Naked II Palette I don't actually have this palette but I really want it!!


RMS Vintage Cake Liner I love this for that softer smoky eye look.

Zuzu Luxe Liquid Liner This liner applies so easily and stays put. Love it!


Plume Brow Pomade Comes with the brush and pomade. Has several colors. Helps nourish brows so they grow thicker. Really defines the brows but also keeps them natural looking.


Currently using W3ll People Expressionist Mascara. I love this mascara a lot! The only downside is that it transfers a tad in my under eye area. Using a powder there helps this but I don't always wear face makeup so that's the one downfall with it. Works amazing on my top lashes though.

Lily Lolo is another I've tried and liked a lot for volume and length.


Gressa Lip Boost I got two samples of these when I ordered foundation. The samples have lasted me months. I LOVE the color "Bare" it's probably my holy grail lip color.

Nudus Organic Lipstick Love the color I linked. These are very nourishing but lasting.

Easy Transition to Green Beauty

If you have decided to start swapping out your old products for safer, non-toxic ones, I hope I have given you a good place to start. There are a lot of other brands I like and haven't mentioned because it would just take up too much time, and be overwhelming for us all lol. All the brands I listed are well loved by many people, not just me. You can get a lot of these items at one place. The Organic Bunny site has a lot of these items, and the Detox Market or Credo Beauty stores as well. Even Amazon sells some of these brands but just make sure it's from the actual brand seller and you are getting an authentic product.

You can also subscribe to a monthly green beauty box to try new products out without having to pay full price.

Subscription boxes

Maple Blume Box Every two months

Detox Market Box Monthly

Organic Bunny Box Monthly

It can take a lot of money and time to detox your entire cosmetic routine. Don't get overwhelmed or think its not doable. I suggest switching out one product every two weeks or every month. If you are on a tight tight budget, there are a lot of affordable clean brands to start with. Root Pretty is one of my favorite brands that offer skincare, makeup, and haircare all at amazing prices.

Target carries some natural cosmetic brands like Nourish Organics, Honeybee Gardens, and a few others.

Sephora carries Antonym Cosmetics which is a great line. They carry some natural skincare from Herbivore Botanicals, and I'm sure other brands but those are the two clean brands I know Sephora has.

Nordstom carries RMS beauty, Jane Iredale, and Herbivore.

Watch out for Greenwashing (claiming to be natural and non-toxic but actually isn't)

There you have it! Those are my Green Beauty top picks as of now. Let me know if you have any questions!! I'm always here to help.

Watch out for my next post about skincare and hair care!

Much Love,