• Ruby

How to beat Sugar Addiction

Sugar addiction is real. It's as real as any other addiction. Our bodies and minds can become addicted to sugar and send signals that pure will-power alone cannot overcome. If you have a sweet tooth often but are able to say "no" to those cravings most of the time, then that could just be a habit you have created for years and need to go cold turkey to change your taste buds and cravings. This type of sugar craving is a mild sugar addiction that can be fixed by change of diet. Doing a sugar detox and gut healing protocol could easily fix your sugar cravings. I'll share some supplements and resources at the end of this post to help with this type of sugar cravings. I do recommend working with a functional practitioner to help you target exactly why you are craving sugar though. If you often feel out of control, guilty or shameful for your eating patterns then you could be dealing with a more severe sugar addiction or an eating disorder. Will-power alone will not work for this type of sugar addiction.

What are the signs of disordered eating or sugar addiction? Feeling powerless against late night snacking. Sneak sweets or carb loaded foods every day. Hide food and eat it in private. Crave sugar after every meal. Binge on sweets or carbs. Consuming sugary foods even though you are full. I believe I have had an eating disorder since early teens, or late childhood, really ever since I can remember. My dad always had pop and sweets in the house so I think from an early age my taste buds were exposed to large amounts of sugar and that altered my gut microbiome, which made me crave sugar a lot. But I look back now and realize some of the things I did were not just sugar addiction but were actual signs of emotional eating and food disorders. Some people turn to binge eating during stress, some people are the opposite and restrict food instead of binging, both of these are unhealthy and problematic to your mental and physical well-being. If you've ever struggled with bulimia, binge eating, or anorexia, then your sugar cravings could be a much deeper rooted issue that supplements alone cannot fix. If you are a stress or emotional eater then I would recommend counseling or meditation to start with. We can't fix the food addiction patterns without fixing our mind first. It is NOT about will-power alone, but it is about changing and controlling your mind and how it operates. If therapy is not an option for you I recommend these books...

Here's a list of more books related to mental wellness and healthy relationships with food. (https://www.amazon.com/shop/wildarrowwellness?listId=29JXCDQBKCN8R ) Healing your mind and emotional wellness can be a life long practice. It doesn't happen over night. I highly encourage you to read some books, talk to loved ones about your struggle or a therapist. This is the beginning of overcoming disordered and emotional eating. Maybe not everyone has a disorder when it comes to sugar addiction. Your body could just be so used to sugar and unhealthy eating that it's too hard to go cold turkey off sugar. I want to share some supplements that can help anyone on this spectrum of sugar addiction. Wherever you find yourself, these could help you if you feel you can't always just so "no" to those cravings. I do encourage you to look into nutritional deficiencies, gut imbalances, and hormone levels. There could be a simple biological explanation as to why you feel imbalanced with food cravings, and figuring out those imbalances could fix your problem all together. I recommend getting this test, (use code:WILDARROW for $20 off) and working with a functional practitioner to read the results and recommend supplements and dietary changes for your specific conditions. LISTEN this could literally change your entire life. It's affordable, just do it. I actually recommend doing this before you buy any supplements I'm about to mention. These supplements could just be a band-aid to a underlying problem. Try and fix the underlying problem first, and use these as support during that time. If you like to research or be in the know, check out this article linking the gut microbiome and psychiatric disorders. Supplements to help curb sugar cravings or food addiction Now brand Glucose Metabolic Support I love this formula a lot. It has several very helpful ingredients for glucose metabolism. Gymnema can help suppress sugar cravings. When consumed prior to a sugary food or beverage, gymnemic acid blocks the sugar receptors on your taste buds. Chromium picolinate is the form of chromium commonly found in dietary supplements. It may be effective at improving the body's response to insulin or lowering blood sugar in those with diabetes. What's more, it may help reduce hunger, cravings and binge eating. Do not take any supplements while pregnant or breastfeeding without consulting your health provider.

Desbio Crave Control Crave Control combines support for improving body composition and encouraging healthy calorie intake when used as part of a healthy eating program. The amino acid precursors support biosynthesis of neurotransmitters related to emotional well being and food cravings. The targeted herbal ingredients help encourage healthy eating habits and metabolism

Desbio Homeopathic Appetite Control AppetiteControlhelps regulate appetite and cravings and supports people who have emotionally driven food cravings.

Myo Relax & Calm I mix this powder into water before bed and it really helps calm me at night and soothe my nerves. It has a lot of good ingredients but the main reason I take it is for the inositol. Inositol can help manage carb cravings by balancing neurotransmitter levels. It can reduce symptoms of depression, calm mood swings, reduce cravings associated with PMS, and improve sleep quality

Saffron "Research shows that an extract of the spice saffron (Crocus sativus) gets to the root of sweet cravings and helps eliminate them.  It appears to work by regulating brain pathways in what is now referred to as the “Feed-Feedback Cycle.” "

Other things to try... L glutamine, bitter melon extract, garcinia cambogia, omega-3 supplementation, increasing healthy fats and protein in your daily diet. I've tried all of these supplements and can say they have helped me a lot. Definitely don't just go and buy all of them, start with one or two and see if it helps you. Always ask your doctor or practitioner if these are safe for you. I also want to add that you may need to do a full sugar detox and a candida protocol to truly stop the cravings for good. This goes back to having a microbiome/gut imbalance. Work with healthdoll.co or do a sugar detox at home! Please share this with anyone you think may need it, and comment if this has helped you. Much Love, Ruby