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How to Beat a Cold FAST

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

In this post I'm rounding up my top natural remedies for beating a cold, sinus infection, or any bug that has got you down, and beat it fast!

Nobody likes to get sick, but I feel like I'm one of those people who really despises it on so many levels. This has made me try ALL THE THINGS to get over colds as quick as I can. I can say I have found what works for me (and a lot of other people). These will all be natural remedies that are not going to cause damage to your health. So if you came here expecting to read about the latest over the counter cold drug, this ain't it. I wrote about why I won't use drugs like Tylenol, and antibiotics here. I also wrote about how to fight a cold or flu for a young child or baby here... but most of the things I'm listing in this post is fine for kids or there are kid versions of the same products. How I beat a cold in 2 days I've tried these methods I'm about to share with you every time I feel a scratchy throat, headache, sinus infection, sore throat, achey muscles, cough, runny nose, and nausea coming on and every time my symptoms diminish 90-100% in 2 days. Sometimes there will be some mucus that takes a couple more days to leave the body, but all other symptoms are gone. It starts with a strong immune system, so getting that on track is the foundation your body needs to fight bacteria and viruses that make you sick. I wrote a little about that here, and always talk about it on my Instagram. Every one is different, but if you tend to catch every single bug that comes around and hold onto it for weeks, these tips will help you a lot! But that might be a sign your immune system is weak, and you need to avoid toxins, medications, and inflammatory foods in your daily life, and focus on whole foods and supplementing. We are not supposed to be sick all Winter long, and we should not be catching a cold every time we come across some nasty bugs. With that said, it still happens, especially in our modern world where nobody ever stays home.

Here's my top five remedies 1. Sweat It Out Go sweat it out in a sauna!This is the very first thing I try to do when I sense I'm feeling off in any way. If it's a stomach virus and you have a fever, then I wouldn't suggest this. But if it's a head cold or throat and sinus symptoms, this is the first thing I do. If you are new to a sauna then it might be uncomfortable, but dress light, bring water, and sit in there as along as you can, up to 25 mins. Even if you only make it 10 minutes that is better than nothing. Some people are super sensitive to over heating so use your discretion and get out if you feel faint or nauseous. But if you just feel slightly uncomfortable, try and sit it out, its worth it. The best sauna to use is a infrared sauna with red light therapy, call your local chiropractor offices, gyms, and spas and ask if they have one. If not just use a regular sauna, you will still sweat a lot. A lot of gyms have saunas so just buy a day pass and go use it. This alone helps improve my cold symptoms drastically by the next day. Remember to drink tons of water and get a good nights rest after using a sauna. I've only needed to use the sauna once but if you don't improve the next day, go again. I wouldn't advise this one for children. 2. Homeopathic Remedies You should have these on hand and in your house at all times. Using homeopathy at the onset of symptoms can relieve symptoms within a few hours. Everyone responds to homeopathy differently, but I believe everyone benefits from it. Using the right formula or remedy that best matches your symptoms is key. These are easily found at walmart, safeway, walgreens, grocery stores, and some pharmacies. Also amazon. Use this one for cold symptoms

Use this one for Sinus headaches or just sinus issues

Use this one for flu like symptoms

Use this one for nausea

Or use single remedies that best fit your symptoms search here I take the homeopathic remedy for my symptoms as directed on package until my symptoms are gone. Homeopathy is effective and completely safe. There are child and baby safe formulas from hylands. If you are treating a child, use the ones appropriate for their age. The one's I listed here will have age ranges listed on package and are safe for kids above a certain age as well. 3. Herbal Tinctures. Nothing fights bacteria or viruses better than herbs. This is another thing you need to have in your medicine cabinet at all times. We take elderberry syrup during winter because it helps us fight off colds and the flu, so elderberry syrup is one you need in your home already, and can use when you get sick more than the regular daily dose. The other herbal tinctures I'm talking about are blends of potent liquid herbs that you add to a small amount of juice or water and drink usually 3-4 times a day depending on the herb or brand. Always read the package. Use the right one for your symptoms. These are the ones I like but there is more than one good brand out there you can purchase. Wish Garden Kick-Ass Biotic Fast acting immune strength for any sickness, especially flu or cold with serious symptoms.

Anything from herb Pharm is amazing. They have alcohol free formulas, kids formulas, and single herbs. This is a good one if you can't find the Wish Garden one.

For Sinus Support

Herb Pharm has a really good kids line that is alcohol free, a great sinus blend you can give for stuffy or runny noses. They have a cough blend and other immune support blends. Just go to their site and find the one you need or check them out on amazon. They are are sold in most health food stores as well. Taking herbs is something that I don't skimp on, especially when you are feeling really crappy. Take the dose they recommend for treating sickness, don't just take it once and expect it to work. 4. High Dose Vitamin C Our body can't make it's own vitamin C so it is vital that we supplement this nutrient on a daily basis. You can supplement with Camu Powder, chewables, powder, or eat a lot of oranges and fruit. When you're sick it's a wonderful remedy to combat bacteria and viruses. It's extremely effective in boosting the immune system when taken in high doses. So take this daily, but when you are sick, take a lot! Depending on what form you are taking, read the package for dosing. Any of those options can be given to children in smaller doses. You can mix the powders in apple sauce or yogurt or juice. You can give the chewable vitamins to kids that are eating well. In this study patients were given 1,000mg every hour for the first 6 hours, and then 1,000 mg three times daily after the first day. Click here to read how Vitamin C was more effective in treating the flu or a cold than pain relievers and decongestants. 5. Essential Oils Diffuse day and night in a diffuser, dilute and rub on bottom of feet every hour or 2 until sympoms reside. You can also dilute and rub on back or stomach or chest. Choosing the right oils is important. For a all around viral ass-kicking, immune boosting blend, use Thieves, On Gaurd, or Immune Strength. All of these are a good option, buy whichever one you want. Theives and On Gaurd will be most expensive because they are from MLM companies. For respiratory support use something with Eucalyptus. This is a great pre dulited roll-on, or you can buy the undiluted bottle and diffuse it as well. Edens garden also has kid safe diluted roll on bottles and undiluted blends that are safe to diffuse and use on children. These oils are high quality and very affordable. To reduce a fever, rub a drop or two of peppermint oil neat on the bottom of feet every 20 minutes until fever lowers. Or leave the fever alone because it's your body's way of fighting infection. I use all 5 of of these methods together throughout the day. Like I said before, you can't just take one vit C chew, one dose of herbs, and use essential oils one time and expect your sickness to go away. You have to be aggressive and repetitive with these methods for them to work. Read the dosing on labels and be diligent with it. Two other powerful natural remedies that are safe for kids and adults, and easy to use, is Bee Propolis Throat Spray, and Colloidal Silver. Sovereign Silver Spray

Bee Keeper's Throat Spray. There is a kid spray and a adult spray.

Last but not least, drink a lot of fluid and REST. These natural methods are miracle workers so next time you get sick, attack it with ALL THE THINGS! Leave a comment below with your favorite cold remedy, and don't forget to share this post with your friends and family! Much Love,