• Ruby

How To Be Healthy On A Budget

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

Want to prioritize your health but are on a budget and feel it’s not doable for you? If this is you, or you know someone you care about who feels this way, I have some great tips to share with you today that will allow you to view living a healthy lifestyle differently. Many people continue with unhealthy habits and ideals because they think they just “can’t afford” to be healthy. Can’t afford the collagen, the supplements, the açaí bowls, organic store bought meats, and the matcha lattes? Have no fear, I got some reality checks for you to change your mindset, and change your health for free! It doesn't have to cost you anything extra to start working towards a healthier life that is free of disease and common ailments. I believe in a preventative lifestyle. So many health issues are simply caused by a long term pore diet, stress, and a toxic environment. You can easily avoid a lot of health issues by changing your daily habits. It’s important to start with the basics and not get wrapped into all the hype of health products. Do supplements and organic foods help? YES they do! But if you can't afford those things right now, there are still plenty of other things you CAN afford. These fundamental health habits are free, and require no expense from your wallet. Top 3 free healthy lifestyle must-dos: 1. Drink water! Yes preferably filtered, clean sourced water to reduce toxins, but really just focus on intake. You can filter all the water you want but if you aren’t drinking it then it doesn’t make a difference. This is a basic detoxing and cleansing method your body absolutely needs every single day. Some of the “healthiest” people you know still struggle with this. DRINK MORE WATER! 2. Get active! Another detoxing method your body desperately needs. Daily movement, and avoiding a sedentary lifestyle will lower your chances of all diseases. You don’t need a gym membership to walk, run or do a body weight workout. Get outside in the sun for even more health benefits. 3. Get quality sleep. Okay now you’re thinking "wow. You’re a genius... I already know I should be doing all these things." You may know it already , but do you realize the severity of these things, and how not doing them will affect your health?! Sleep is soooooo important and often underrated with adults. Your body needs sleep to heal. Want younger looking skin? Sleep more. Want more energy? Sleep more. Want to optimize your body's detoxing capabilities? Get on a regular sleeping routine so you get your circadian rhythm back in homeostasis. Can’t sleep? Don’t sleep well? Well there’s some things you can do, and take to help with that. Getting off your phone and all electronics 1-2 hours before bed is free and very effective at helping your body to allow melatonin production. CBD oil would be my top supplement to start with if you have sleep troubles. Turning off WiFi at night, mouth taping, magnesium, and calming herbs are other things to try.

Alright now let’s talk about affordable health changes you can make on a tight budget. 1. Instead of buying organic or grass fed beef from the grocery store, contact a local rancher or farmer and buy 1/4, 1/2, or a whole beef depending on the size of your household. This is cheaper than buying healthy raised meats from the store. Go in with a neighbor or friend to cut even more of that up front cost. It's very important to avoid synthetic pesticides, herbicides, and GMOs in your food. You may think this is expensive but you can find ways around the higher prices at the grocery store. Go to your local farmers market, and grow your own produce in a garden if you are on a very tight budget. Only buy organic food off the dirty dozen list to save even more. You can also save money by buying frozen produce rather than fresh. 2. It’s easy to avoid toxins in your home without having to spend a bunch of money. If you want to be healthy, have healthy hormones and moods then you must stop using artificial fragrance! Stop buying candles, fabreze, and those wall plug ins. Use essential oils instead. One bottle of a essential oil is cheaper than a candle or wall plug-in, depending on the EO brand. Look at Plant Therapy or Edens Garden for high quality and affordable oils. 3. Buy one high-quality multivitamin supplement to help cover all bases of nutrient deficiencies, instead of buying multiple bottles of vitamins. You could also buy an organic greens drink mix because that would be a good source of whole food nutrients. You don't have to buy a million things to start with, but if you can afford it I would recommend a multi of some sort because most Americans are deficient in many vital nutrients.

4. Want to buy that health test or blood work panel but you can’t afford it? Or can’t afford to work with a functional doctor yet? Start with your chiropractor! You can see a chiropractor on insurance (if you have that) and even if you don’t, it’s not expensive. Average visit is $40. Most chiropractors can do muscle testing to test you for allergies or food sensitivities for the same price of their office visit. This can help narrow down your most important foods to avoid or cut out for a while without having to pay hundreds on other tests. You can also get other natural therapies through your Chiropractor that is more affordable on average than a functional health doctor or practitioner. Remember not every Doctor, or Chiro is equal. Don't be afraid to ask questions and interview them before you book with them. There are so many other cheap, or free ways you can make daily lifestyle changes that will better your health. I wanted to keep this blog post simple though and focus on the foundational things first. It's so easy for us to make excuses about our unhealthy habits and choices but at the end of the day if we care about our bodies or our families, we will start to make better choices. I hope these tips help you. Get back to the basics people. Eat healthy, drink water, get outdoors in the sun, workout, avoid toxins. It’s simple! Ruby