• Ruby

How I Healed My Acne Naturally

I've been talking about acne safe skincare and makeup on my instagram for over 6 months now so I figured it was time to finally write up a blog post about it. What exactly is "acne safe"? Acne safe is a term used to describe skincare and makeup that is safe to be used on acne prone skin types. It means the ingredients should not cause more congestion and breakouts. Essentially, acne safe is non-comedogenic ingredients. There are many brands claiming to be non-comedogenic or acne safe but they really aren't. This is where understanding comedogenic ingredients is mandatory if you want to achieve clear skin. I was introduced to this idea of comedogenic ingredients being a major cause of acne and breakouts for many adults in the winter of 2018. I had already read all the info about detoxing your liver, balancing your hormones, DIM, healing your gut, celery juice, probiotics, stress management, masks, manuka honey, and trying every single non-toxic skincare brand that claimed they could heal acne. I did all of it! None of it worked. In the end, all of those things (except all the wrong skincare) helped my health and did help my skin some, but there were two major pieces to the puzzle I was missing. Non-comedogenic skincare/makeup, and food allergies/intolerances. Figuring out what food I was allergic to took muscle testing and a blood allergy test. I did a lot of other tests to figure out some underlying health problems, and I'm still currently working on healing those things. I have a egg allergy I never knew about! I also notice that when I drink coffee often or eat dairy, my face gets breakouts. Some of my friends notice when they consume white sugar they get breakouts. I've also heard some people avoid gluten because it triggers their acne as well. I'm already gluten free for many other reasons but acne isn't really one of them. I'm mentioning all of this because there will be professionals on every side of this that claim your acne is caused because by one of these things. That may be true for some, but every one is different. What cleared my acne may not clear someone else's. I went down every rabbit hole and tried everything besides pharm drugs and laser treatments. It wasn't until winter of 2018 that I came across clear stem's comedogenic list. The list they have created shows the true comedogenc ingredients, along with a list from Healthy Skin Glow's website. Both of these sources made me look through all of my cosmetics. I quickly realized that 90% of my products were not acne-safe! They all had oils and butters and other ingredients that are on the comedogenic list. What I did next was purge everything that was a possible trigger to my acne. This was really hard at first, I actually still have a few things I need to let go of still :( I've spent a lot of money on these products, and have been gifted hundreds of dollars of amazing products to share about. Then I had to stop using it all. I gave all the obvious brands and products away to friends and family. I gave hundreds and hundreds of dollars away in product. I gave it to people who don't struggle with acne so they could enjoy the products without any issues. Then I went through a few months of trial and error with a few different "acne safe" skincare brands. The makeup was actually pretty easy, I already had some acne safe makeup and thankfully only needed to find a new concealer brand. I landed on Priia Cosmetics. They are totally acne safe, although I don't think their liquid foundation would be okay for me just because any liquid makeup even if it's non-comedogenic seems to clog my pores. I use their concealer and their powder. For all over makeup I use Root Pretty. Root Pretty is another great non-toxic and acne safe brand. Most of Root's products are acne safe. Getting my skincare routine figured out was harder. I bought Clear Stem's only product at the time (cell renew serum) and loved it right off the bat. It helped calm my skin down a lot. Then I went through a few cleansers from other brands that didn't work, and ended up buying Face Reality's gentle cleanser. Face Reality is a sister brand to Clear Stem. Face Reality is actually a acne specialized skincare brand and acne clinic in California. I researched for hours all of the natural and non-toxic brands available. I spent hours going over ingredients on every website like detox market, credo, organic bunny, pharmaca and others. There was like 1% of all the items that were acne safe. I finally ended up making my own moisturizer after trying a few "acne safe" ones and still not having success. I made my own with three oils and a small amount of essential oils. I did Equal parts Prickly Pear Seed Oil, Rosehip Seed Oil, and Camellia Seed Oil. All were purchased on Edens Garden. This oil moisturizer didn't cause new breakouts but it wasn't hydrating enough for my dry skin. I used it for a few months avoiding any new products, along with my serum, rosehip water, and cleanser. I was afraid of causing breakouts because every time I would try something new, it would break me out. Finally Clear Stem let me know they were formulating new products! I was so excited. They put out new serums and cleansers but no moisturizer yet. I was told they are still working on formulating a moisturizer as of April, 2019. I picked up their Gentle Cleanser and Vitamin Scrub, and a new moisturizer from sister brand, Face Reality. I am absolutely loving these products and am so relieved I finally found what works for me. Face Reality and Clear Stem have been the #1 game changer in clearing my acne. Avoiding comedogenic ingredients is key to keeping your skin clear. Check out the list on Clear Stem's website. Also avoid butters, nut oils, and synthetic ingredients. Here is a before and after. These are with no makeup (one photo has mascara that's it) It's hard for me to put this online.... these are not flattering photos, I never took them thinking I would share.

Before Clear Stem and Face Reality products

after trying clear stem's serum

after 2 weeks of all clear stem products. No breakouts, just scarring leftover.

I still have some scarring that will heal and brighten over time. My breakouts have reduced 99% though. This isn't to say I wont ever get a pimple again, I still get issues if I eat certain foods. Basically 98% of my skin issues was from the wrong skincare though. Some other things that helped my skin... 1. Only cleansing at night. I use a warm wash cloth with only water in the morning. 2. I quit doing masks every week. I'm not saying masks or treatments are bad, I just have learned the more I leave my skin alone, the healthier it looks. 3. I gave up trying new products and stuck with one routine. 4. Let my skin see sunlight every day for at least 30 minutes. I can't always do this in the winter but sunlight does help my skin. Everyone's acne and skin is different, but if you are like me and have tried EVERYTHING else than trust me when I say this, Clear Stem skincare could heal your acne. It healed mine! Much Love, Ruby