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Best Remedies for "Morning Sickness"

I'm currently 14 weeks and 5 days pregnant and finally feeling more normal. I still get some nausea if I don't eat every 2 hours or take my supplements, and fatigue sets in in the evening, but all in all I'm 1000x better than I was for the last 2 months. As soon as I hit the 6 week mark in my pregnancy I experienced debilitating nausea and fatigue. Then a few weeks into that, horrible heart burn developed. I immediately bought all the regular pregnancy remedies everyone knows about to try and relieve these symptoms. To my surprise, none of it really helped. You know those things everyone recommends... ginger chews, peppermint or ginger tea, sea bands, crackers, ginger-ale, eating small amounts every 1.5 hours, sleeping as much as possible, sitting up after eating, pregnancy pops/candy, getting fresh air or being outside. All those things got me through my first pregnancy woes, but this time around they weren't really doing jack sh!t. So of course the researcher that I am, I took to the web while I was living on the couch, promising myself I would never have another baby after this. Dramatic? maybe so, but feeling like death for weeks is no joke on your mental state. I first learned about unisom and b6 supplementation. I bought b6 and took it 3 times a day before I tried unisom. Guys... I don't take drugs, I won't even take ibuprofen so the idea of a pharmaceutical made sleep aid bothered me. Especially while pregnant. But some of my friends tried it and it helped them a lot. Doctors and midwives recommend it as well. As far as I know unisom is safe for short term use. It is not meant to be used for long term though. I also researched cbd oil, and my midwife recommended I try that route. So I tried cbd oil sublingually and it did help some! I did that for a week before incorporating the unisom. The cbd oil helped me some but I was still miserable a lot of the day and I found I had to take A LOT of cbd oil to knock the edge off. I want to dive into taking cbd oil for nausea more in depth later on because it could be a remedy that totally works for you. I watched a few YouTube videos of moms saying it made them feel normal again. I think for me I wasn't taking enough at the time and I notice I feel a better affect when I take capsules now. I finally started the unisom and b6 combo. I'm not sure why combining those two helps so much but it really did take 80% of the nausea away. And let me clarify, it is ALL DAY sickness...not just morning sickness. I cried multiple times. It's just not any fun. FINALLY some solid relief. I could clean up the house a little, take my 3 year old to Pre-School without crying about getting dressed and leaving the house. It was totally helping.

Andddd then.... the unisom side affects kicked in. Severe constipation, insomnia, wait...what? a sleep aid that causes insomnia?! YUP WTF RIGHT?! I just really can't with drugs like this... who in Mary's name would take something that does the opposite of what it's supposed to do? Crazy desperate people. That's who. Okay so I knew the unisom helped with the sickness but it caused other issues that were really starting to become unbearable on their own after a couple weeks. It didn't set well with me that I was taking unisom for so long. I went back to the internet in search of better remedy's, and really the cause of "morning sickness." It came back to b6, but I found more this time. Liver support and depleted nutrients. I felt this in my gut was the answer, at least for me. I found a few, very few articles about taking milk thistle, iodine, and b6 for pregnancy sickness. I knew I already had a sluggish liver and my body had a hard time detoxing excess hormones, so maybe this could really help me. It did!

I started taking THIS milk thistle 3 times a day, still with THIS vitamin b6. I also took 2-3 drops of this iodine, but later quit because I ordered this prenatal that has iodine in it.

I found a Doctor formulated prenatal after taking all these other supplements, but this prenatal has all the supplements in it that I listed above. (this doctor is smart and ahead of the rest) So you could take this shake once a day, and the b6 and milk thistle just 2 more times throughout the day.

Even now if I skip one dose, the nausea starts to creep back in. It's crazy to me how well this works. It's a night and day difference. It's good for you, you're body needs it at this time. Heightened and excess hormones are the main cause of "morning sickness". We just need to support our bodies in a special way during this time. I still take cbd oil to help me sleep and deal with anxiety and stress. It works wonders for those things. I do believe in it's capability to help with nausea, so try it as well if you are going through morning/all day sickness. There are doctors and midwives who recommend organic, high quality, full spectrum cbd oil during pregnancy. There are no known risks involved. Cbd oil is safer than unisom, zofran, or any other prescribed drug your doctor may give you, so just remember that. Zofran risks linked here. For more first trimester must haves check out this other blog post I wrote. Please leave a comment and share this post with friends and family! Much Love, Ruby