• Ruby

EMF Exposure Resource Guide

I haven’t talked about EMF exposure in a while so I thought I’d post about it today. Instead of telling you all about it though, I'm going to do a new kind of post on my blog. I'm going to make this a resource with links to information on this topic to other articles, research, and credible sites. This is so you can read up on this topic on your own time and come to your own conclusion about it, or what you need to do about it. At the bottom of this post I will list what I do personally to protect myself and my family from EMFs. I’m not really good with my words a lot of the time... I feel like my thoughts are hard to put into words. It’s something I’m a little insecure about. It holds me back from sharing about a lot of topics on instagram and my blog. The idea of having to write out a well written research paper is just not any fun for me. I’d rather do videos I think. But I don’t plan on starting that anytime soon either 🤪

What I’m getting at here is that I hold back on sharing a lot of things I have learned about non-toxic living because I’m not sure I will provide a articulate and statistical post on it. I know I’m fully capable of doing so, its just the desire to do it I have an issue with. I am a very skeptical person, I naturally question everything and everyone. I come to my conclusions by learning from statistical, articulate, and well written books, blogs, research papers, and those wise people around me. But most importantly by following my God given intuition. To share all this knowledge about health and non-toxic living with you means I need to put my own spin and words on topics and provide that info to you, which takes a lot of time for me to do. This got me thinking... maybe I don’t need to use this blog as a place for you to find all the answers (cuz I don’t have all the answers), instead let this be a space you can be challenged with new ideas and knowledge and learn new things, but more or less by giving you bits of those ideas so you can take that and go research it on your own time. I know it can be hard to sift through the bull shit online but I promise if you spend some time and listen to your gut... you’ll find the truth... even on the Internet! I know, crazy right? 

Really though, documentaries, books, and review papers are all available online so it’s a powerful tool to utilize. So many of us are deceived when it comes to health topics. People are still deceived about GMOS, Roundup, Heavy Metals, Vaccines, Cosmetics, Flame Retardants, Food, EMFs... and much more. I can’t change your mind about these things but I can lead you to some wonderful resources if you’d like to really research these topics on your own. Don’t just be spoon fed information... go out and take your power back and find the answers on your own. So to start this off... I'm listing some good resources for YOU to go look into and learn why EMF exposure is harmful, and what you can do about it in this modern world. If you're wondering what EMF is... start at the first link and work your way through. Or google it :) Links about EMF Radiation Electromagnetic field induced biological effects in humans.

Health Effects of Prenatal Radiation Exposure Are Cell Phones Bad for our Health?

Protective effects of melatonin and omega-3 on the hippocampus and the cerebellum of adult Wistar albino rats exposed to electromagnetic fields. Wifi Radiation Links on Protecting your health and family from EMFs Covers and Blockers for all devices from Safesleeve Stick on microchip for Wifi radiation QuanThor Protection Household plug in Grounding What I do... Some great habits to build is turning bluetooth off on all your devices like phone, tv, car, tablets, computer. Only turn it on when you are actually using Bluetooth. Try to avoid using bluetooth and use cords, corded headphones, and other memory devices to transfer files. Turn your phone and tablets on airplane mode at night while you sleep. If you need a phone on for emergency purposes, leave your phone in a different room than where you sleep. Unplug wifi router at night to give your whole household a break from wifi at night. Use EMF blocking/neutralizing products. I have several blockers, neutralizers and covers on my devices and in my home. Himalayan salt lamps help as well. Use speaker phone. Get rid of your microwave or stand at least 3 feet away from it when using. Have your city or County put an older model of electric reading meter on your house and opt out of having a Smart Meter installed. If this isn't an option, buy a cage to help with radiation. Don't have a TV in every room. Don't give your children phones and tablets unless they absolutely need them.

Be outside a lot and practice grounding (walking on earth without shoes on) I know learning about things like this can be overwhelming, angering and scary. It's best to just learn the truth, gain the knowledge to protect yourself, and then try and not obsess or stress out about what you can't control. Stress is just as bad for our health as any toxic thing in our world. Pray about it. Use your knowledge as power, and move on. Ignorance can be bliss... until someone you love has cancer. Ruby