• Ruby

Art of Organics Clean Beauty Box

I'd have to say in the last 5 years subscription boxes of all kinds have surfaced. It's convenient and exciting to try new things every month or so that you are interested in. There's food boxes, dog boxes, beauty boxes...and many more. If you are still trying to find your way to non-toxic cosmetics, subscription boxes are an easy way to try new items out! I have subscribed to a few beauty boxes in the past but I never ended up staying with them for very long. The nice thing about all these subscription boxes is that you can cancel them at any time. Once I went full blown non-toxic, I didn't have the interest in beauty boxes that weren't using clean brands. Just in the last few years there has been so many green beauty subscription boxes born. I'll list some more at the end of this page for you to check out, but I want to talk about the most recent beauty box I've just started using, and am SO EXCITED about.

Art Of Organics

"Our belief is that beauty should not sacrifice health. Our mission is to connect people with the cleanest, most effective and luxe beauty products in existence"

- Claire Molyneaux Founder

Not just another clean beauty box. The Art Of Organics founder truly cares about health and the impact that cosmetics have on our health. Their team seeks out the best of the best and the purest of the pure. This is what sold me. I am not a "better beauty" advocate. I am a "clean beauty" advocate. The difference between the two is that some people choose to use products that are "safer" than most because they leave out a few harsh ingredients, but still contain some artificial and possibly unsafe ingredients.

I try to do my best, educate myself as much as I have time for, and I've learned that there are so many amazing brands out there that are 100% safe. I don't see the point in wasting my money or time buying products that are somewhat safer but not all the way, when there are plenty of brands that truly are clean.

This is why Art of Organics sold me.

How it Works

"Each of our boxes contains a themed collection of 2-4 full size, carefully chosen organic, natural, non-toxic and cruelty-free products that pass our high standards for clean beauty.  On some occasions our boxes will feature 1 full-size product (in addition to travel sizes) if the full-size product equals or exceeds the promised value of our boxes. "

$39 / month with a value of $70+ (billed in 2, 6 or 12 month intervals)

I chose the 2 month interval, and got the July 2018 box. I had been wanting to try this beauty box for a while but just kept putting it off for some reason. Then I heard Leahlani Skincare would be featured in the July box. DONE DEAL. Leahlani just might be my favorite skincare brand ever. I haven't tried all of her products yet so I was crossing my fingers that the item in the box would be something new to me. IT WAS! yaayyy!

July 2018 Illuminate Box

Full size bottle of Leahlani Aloha Ambrosia

Full size bottle of AU Naturale Powder Highlighter in Begonia.

Leahlani Aloha Ambrosia is a morning moisture elixir valued at $56. To put it simply, this is a oil moisturizer, but not just any oil moisturizer. Aloha Ambrosia is non pore clogging, light, yet very moisturizing. I have been using this day and night even though it's suggested for morning use. It smells like jasmine but even fresher and lighter than most jasmine fragrances I've experienced. I'm in love with this product, just like all of Leahlani's items. It's great for all skin types and is targeted to brighten and balance the skin. Being acne prone, that's just what I need.

Au Naturale Highlighter in Begonia valued at $25. I haven't tried Au Naturale products until this item. I've been wanting to for a long time just never have. The color of begonia is like my ultimate dream color for a highlighter. I'm so excited I have found this! It's powder, with a cool pump bottle to pump onto the back of your hand or brush, and then apply with brush or finger tips. The color looks amazing on my skin as a highlighter or all over eye shadow. I'm loving it on my brow bones, cheek bones, and inner eyes. It says you can also mix it with oil or lotion for a body glow! The color is like a peachy, pearl gold with copper. It's just gorgeous!

I am really pleased with the items in this month's box, and I'm really excited to see what's to come.

If you've thought about subscribing to a clean beauty box I highly recommend Art of Organics! It won't disappoint.

Some other great clean beauty boxes off the top of my head would be Organic Bunny Box, the Detox Market Detox Box, and Maple Blume.