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Acure Organics

Updated: Feb 14, 2018

Acure Organics is one of the first brands I started using years ago when I made the switch to non-toxic cosmetics and hair care items. I think I started with their shampoo and conditioner. I always loved the scents of their hair products because they still smelled strong and pleasant, not like just Shea butter or some unscented natural soap. I want natural, clean products, but I will not sacrifice effectiveness or good smelling products to get it (because I know I don't have to).

I haven't used Acure Organics a lot over the last few years just because I have been trying a lot of other new brands. Acure Organics has added so many awesome products over the years and recently changed their packaging designs, so I'm excited to experience the brand again!

I was gifted 5 products from Acure to review. The products I was sent are their newest packaging and formulas. Items I had never used before. I was pretty excited to try these products out!

I am not paid to write this review, and these are my honest opinions.

All the facial items I got were from the Brilliantly Brightening line.

If you go to their site, you can see they have 5 categories specified for certain skin types or concerns. Which makes shopping really easy!

I really love their new packaging because it's very clean and simple looking, I love the white bottles and sutble designs, with black font. Actually looks cute on the shelf!

Brilliantly Brightening Facial Scrub $9.99

Formulated to help the skin obtain a brighter and more glowing appearance.

This scrub contains french green clay, lemon peel, and sea kelp to help detoxify and cleanse without stripping natural oils. It is gentle exfoliation that you can use every 3 days.

I keep this in my shower and love using it after I have removed makeup and cleansed already.

I use it twice a week and love the physical exfoliation to help remove dead skin cells.

Zane really loves this scrub as well. He is a welder and is always dirty at work, or even on his off days he's working on trucks or hunting. The guy is always getting dirty is what I'm getting at, and this scrub really helps clean out his pores. He actually made comments that he likes it, and I never even told him to use it!

Brilliantly Brightening Day Cream $16.99

I have super reactive skin. Sometimes just trying a new product will cause breakouts. I was almost scared to try this facial moisturizer just because I'm weary of new products. I can happily say that it did not cause any irritation or breakouts though! I have super dry skin especially in the winter, and need a really rich facial moisturizer. This isn't quite enough to keep my skin moisturized alone, but paired with a oil or serum it's fine. This cream feels super light weight, but a little bit goes a long ways! I think this is a perfect cream for someone wanting to even out skin tone, and moisturize. They label it as a day cream but there is no sunscreen in it so I think it's safe to use at night as well if you aren't purchasing a separate night cream.

Brilliantly Brightening Face Towelettes $6.99

These are great for removing eye makeup, or post workout wipes. They smell pretty strongly so I emailed Acure and double checked that all of their "fragrance" ingredients are truly natural. Kristen from Acure assured me that their fragrances are all NSF certified and free of phthalates and other synthetic ingredients.

Argan Oil and Pumpkin Body Wash $8.99

This stuff smells SO GOOD. It really cleans well, but isn't drying at all in my opinion. This body wash has a lot of soothing ingredients from chamomile to calendula, rosehips, and argan oil. There's more, but those are the soothing ingredients that stood out to me. I think this is gentle enough for kids, and effective enough for adults! Love itttt.

Sublime Sweet Orange Body Lotion $8.99

It comes in a pump bottle!!! I was sold right then and there. Okay I made sure I tried it, but seriously having lotion in a pump is a must for me because I'm always putting body lotion on multiple times a day. I think this one smells great and absorbs very quickly. I have super dry skin on my lower legs and calves, so I need a really rich lotion to keep them feeling softer and not like a desert landscape. I don't feel like this lotion is as nourishing as I need, but for most people I'm sure it's enough moisture. It's scent is Orange and Cloves, but it smells really sweet and summer like.


I love the brand Acure and think they are a wonderful option for someone looking to clean up their skincare and body care products. They have so many options for all skin types and the price of their products are amazing. You can't beat the prices for the ingredients and quality they offer.

They are easily accessible which is another reason why I will share the brand. You can find Acure in Target, grocery stores, and most health food stores. As well as on Amazon and other online stores.

Check out their website to view all their skincare and hair care products!

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