• Ruby

Acne Clearing Skincare Routine

Trying to find a non-toxic and natural skincare routine that was also acne-safe took a lot of time and money for me to figure out. I tried hundreds of products and most of them made my skin worse. I hit a point where I was so frustrated with my skin that I just wanted to give up even trying. Thankfully I didn't. I did what I always do when I need a solution to my problem. Research. Researching to find the right answers for you takes hours and hours. I get why most people don't do it. I already tried the doctor route, even the holistic doctor route. Neither helped. I learned by my own research that acne can be caused by so many different things. Everyone is different. It could be yeast overgrowth (candida), stress, hormones, gut health, liver stagnation, histamine intolerance, hormones, food sensitivities or allergies. Most food that cause acne for people are eggs, dairy, sugar, or gluten. My acne triggers are a combo of several of those things. Dairy is the worst and always gives me breakouts the day after I eat it. So I don't eat dairy. I also avoid eggs and gluten. My skin is way less congested when I eat a clean diet and avoid those foods. I got a handle on healing my body on the inside, so why wasn't my skin catching up completely? Skincare Products! Topical application of comedogenic ingredients was the #1 cause of my acne. I found this out by researching and then applying what I had read. It took a while to figure out what products worked for me, and what ingredients were causing breakouts. Thankfully I've done all the trial and error so you don't have to! I found Clear Stem Skincare, and their sister brand Face Reality. Face Reality is a brand founded in California by a acne specialist. Clear Stem Skincare was formulated by the owner of Face Reality, and another bad ass female with a holistic approach to products. I'm grateful to have discovered this line so that I don't have to sacrifice healthy and safe products, for clear skin. So many organic, non-toxic brands are chocked full of pore clogging ingredients. While they may not be a problem for most people, smothering your face with coconut oil is not safe for acne prone skin.

Clear Stem offers a small line of the best non-toxic skincare for acne prone skin. I'm going to share my exact routine, what products and how I use them below. I know that's what you've been waiting for! Acne Clearing Skincare Routine Face Wash - GENTLEclean Vitamin Infused Calming Wash I use this in the shower at night to wash the day away, or to remove makeup. If I didn't wear makeup that day I don't always use this wash, sometimes I'll just wipe my face with a hot washcloth. I find doing less with my face is better for it. But this wash is amazing, and gentle enough for daily use. Scrub/exfoliator - VITAMINscrub Antioxidant Infused Scrub Cleanser I use this scrub every 2-3 days for a good deep cleanse and exfoliation. It's not drying, but for me like I said above, doing less to your face is better. Toner/Face Spritz - I just use a rose water spray you can get almost anywhere. This isn't a clear stem product, but Face reality does have toners on their site. Serum/anti-aging treatment/acne scar treatment - CELL Renew Serum This was the first clear stem product that I tried and it got me hooked on their brand. It is the most effective product in my routine for healing and preventing acne. Second serum/brightener - CLEARity AHA mandelic acid serum This serum is great for brightening sun spots, scars, and reducing black heads. I use this as a treatment serum periodically, not something I use every day because I have dry skin and this serum can be a little drying. Moisturizer - Face Reality Cran-Peptide Cream The only moisturizer that doesn't clog my pores. I do have dry skin, especially in the winter, so sometimes this cream is not enough moisture. I add a few drops of pure, organic jojoba oil in my palm and mix the oil and cream together before applying. This has been the absolute best combo for my skin and jojoba oil is acne safe.

Face Reality has a lot of other products, but not all of them are as naturally formulated as Clear Stem products. I'm so glad I've found what helps my skin, naturally, and doesn't make it worse. It took me a long time, and a lot of money to figure this out. If you care about your toxic load in life and want to use safer skincare, then these products are for you. If you are tired of dealing with breakouts and acne, you must try Clear Stem! Don't forget to clean up your makeup routine as well. To prevent breakouts you must avoid ALL pore clogging ingredients. Clear Stem has a list of the comedogenic ingredients to watch out for. To note a few, stay away from coconut oil and ingredients derived from coconut oil. Nut oils, Butters, Algae, fragrance, and parabens. There's a lot more so head to their site here and read the list. USE CODE: WILDARROW FOR $10 OFF CLEAR STEM SITE Much Love, Ruby leave a comment below and share this article with your friends!