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I created this website to share all about my holistic health ventures. On my blog you'll learn about detoxing your home and life from harmful chemicals and ingredients. I post about everything from green beauty, household cleaning items, healthy food and meals, high quality supplements, and holistic healing. 

I have a passion to protect my family's health and prevent disease. I believe most of us don't know what it's really like to feel GOOD. I'm on a mission to show women that it is important to protect ourselves in this toxin ridden world, and that it's totally doable and easy to do! 

About Me

Hi, I'm Ruby Langley, founder of Wild Arrow Wellness. I started this wellness blog in 2017 to share personal experiences and information about all the things I have learned that help me be a healthier and happier person. My goal is to bring practical advice to people that are interested in living a non toxic life, holistic wellness, fitness, self care, and motherhood. 

I'm a young mother of a beautiful little girl named Arrow. I named the blog Wild Arrow Wellness because my life with Arrow and her father, Zane have led me to a wild, fun life where we get to harvest our own meat straight from the land God gave us.  Hunting is a huge part of our lives mostly because it's Zane's greatest passion and talent, but also because I have a big freezer in the garage full of truly organic, grass fed, hormone free meat. Just as God intended it to be. We are passionate about bow hunting and conservation. I am really grateful that we are able to provide for ourselves with such a clean meat source, and not have to rely on other people to always do it for us. 

I was raised on a farm for most of my childhood and then we moved up the road and I spent the rest of my time at home on a horse ranch until I graduated high school. I love the way I was raised. Growing up around horses, farming, rodeo, 4-H, and being homeschooled until High School has shaped me into the person I am today. Because of the way I grew up, I value self sustainability, and homesteading. 

My mother has always struggled with health. She has fought cancer, lyme disease, being diagnosed at the age of 30 with macular degeneration and losing almost all of her eyesight. She is legally blind. She went to many different Doctors and none could really help her. They would prescribe pharmaceuticals that would cause her to have a number of other symptoms and health issues. My Mom started going to a Naturopathic Doctor in hopes to find answers to her chronic pain, inflammation, digestive disorders, and other symptoms. Her life slowly began to change for the better. She detoxed her home from toxic chemicals in soaps, detergents, cosmetics, and candles. She would get sick if she was exposed to artificial fragrances. 
Lyme disease is a chronic illness that is very hard to cure or treat.  She still has health issues she struggles with but I can tell you that my Mother is much healthier now and is a thriving business owner working as a Licensed massage equine therapist and owns a State approved college.

This is what led me to start seeing a ND for concerns I had as a young adult. I was dealing with depression, panic attacks that I went to the ER for, anxiety, and adrenal fatigue, and weight gain. I knew it wasn't normal to feel that way and have all those issues. The day I had my first ND appointment was a major turning point in my life. I learned about food and nutrition and what foods to avoid for my blood type. I was given supplements for nutrients that I was deficient in according to blood work. There's many things I have learned by going to NDs. I've gone to several from moving around and each Doctor has something new to teach me or help me in some way. I no longer have panic attacks and never experience the severe anxiety that I used to. My energy levels are so much better now that it has helped me build a passion for fitness. It has been a slow process to healing and to make healthier habits, but every year that passes I learn more and make better choices. I value my health and well-being more now that I've been through dark days and have seen how holistic approaches can truly bring life back. Our body is a temple and we are called to take care of it. 

I'm so passionate about all aspects of health. My personality type is one that is always striving to improve and grow. I am not a Doctor. I'm not a makeup artist, nor a certified personal trainer. I hold a degree in Photography. I've worked in so many different fields from being a Vet Assistant to farming, photography, and a Orthodontist Assistant. I'm not better or smarter than anyone.
What I am is a researcher, a knowledge seeker, a truth advocate, a mother, and a child of God. If I can inspire people to learn something that helps them live a better life, then putting my lifestyle on the internet is worth it.. I hope you can sense my heart and love for this life. I hope I never make someone feel judged from my posts or condemned. Those are not my intentions ever. I'm a truth speaker and sometimes very black and white, so I hope people will give me Grace throughout this journey of blogging.
Being healthy is something so many people have not been taught to value as an important thing in life, but without health, we can't enjoy life to the fullest. <3


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